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With 1PassWorld,
 no more forms 
 to fill in. 
Your details are sent directly
to the website!

Saves time when placing an order
You no longer need to enter your details on forms, your delivery address, your billing address,...
With 1PassWorld, simply enter your username and password on the sites that have installed the 1PassWorld login solution.
Once you enter the Key, you only need to select your delivery address and billing address which are already saved on and your data is sent directly to the website on which you are placing an order.

Data always up to date.
By filling in the forms and keeping them updated (your details, your delivery and billing addresses), you have no more concerns when you logon to a site. As soon as you are logged in with our technology, your data is updated.

A free service
The 1PassWorld service has no limitations on use and is totally free. We are offering you your 1st Key.

Your access history
Since the Internet first existed, you were never sure which site you had registered on, or even more so, which site you had sent your data to!
1PassWorld keeps a history of your logins and gives you a list of the sites on which you have been logged in and to which you have sent personal data.
Thus, whenver you want you can either send your new details or ask for your personal details to be deleted.
This is an efficient way of controlling your presence on the web.

Secure access
All your data is encrypted in the database. Your password is not decryptable. You cannot recover it. It is the only password to remember, don't forget it. What's more, you're the one who defines it. You can change it any any time in the Customer Space on

The Key serves to control your access. it is sent by SMS to your mobile. You always have it in your pocket. It's a simple combination of numbers.

It can be changed (regenerated) at each login, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. You are the one who defines this frequency.
To optimize access to certain sites, you can define a Key renewal frequency for all sites and apply a different management rule for only some sites.

For example: activate a new Key weekly for all sites and activate a new Key at every login on your bank's website.

Centralized access, and fast to deactivate for your security
With a single click, in the 1PassWorld space, access to all the sites on which you login via 1PassWorld is deactivated.

Scheduled login
For peace of mind, depending on your login schedule, you can schedule time ranges during which your access is deactivated. Never leave yourself logged in when you are away from the Web!

For example: You can deactivate access to all your sites from 23:00 to 07:00 daily and during the weeks you are on holiday if you know that you won't be logging on!