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Why install a login system like 1PassWorld on your site?
1PassWorld is above all a tool that will make your users’ lives easier. By installing 1PassWorld on your site, your visitors and customers will no longer have to remember a password different from other sites, will no longer need to enter all their details, and they will feel secure.
Login is simple: a password and username are entered that are identical for all sites, which are then validated at 1PassWorld by a security Key.

This login system makes the buying process easy.
A customer placing their first order on your site doesn’t need to enter their details. The ordering process is thus simplified and reduces the risk of a user, in the middle of a buying process, deciding not to complete the purchase. 1PassWorld lets you reduce the rate of uncompleted orders!

We also manage delivery and billing addresses. When the user enters the Key on 1PassWorld, they have to select the addresses for their purchase. This data is sent to you via the API as soon as the user confirms his Key.

Users’ data is always up to date.
Whenever a user logs in to your site, we send you his details. They are up to date and checked: email address (address to confirm the account), phone number (for receiving the access Key) and delivery address following an order.
Your customer records are more accurate, facilitating your communications!

Can we keep using our existing login system?
1PassWorld complements your existing login system. 1PassWorld users log in by clicking a button that redirects them (after identification of your site and secure session management) to an identification space on 1PassWorld.
As part of the ordering process, you can send an order number via the API. This data is returned to you after confirming identity.

What is your security level?
All the data saved on our servers is encrypted with the highest encryption level available to date: AES 256. Exchanges between your server and ours are made via an WSDL activated on the basis of your IP and your identifiers.
Your server connects via SOAP to identify itself and obtain a connection session (unique and secure) before redirecting the user to the identification space.

Do you have your structure officially audited?
To guarantee the reliability of our network, servers and systems development, we work with Qualys.
The servers are checked on a daily basis and our technical teams analyze the reports sent to us every day. Our goal is to guarantee maximum security for our users.
How is your structure organized?
Our servers are hosted at OVH, an essential partner in the development and security of such a service. Each user’s data is replicated on servers in two geographically separated datacenters. What do we need to install on our site?
To install 1PassWorld on your site, simply register, declare your site, download the API, and install them in a directory.
On your login page, simply insert a few lines of code (see details in the documentation provided with the API) to display the login button.

How long does it take to activate 1PassWorld?
1PassWorld is simple and quick to install. It only takes a few minutes to install and configure.
To answer any questions you may have and help you activate the solution on your site, our support team is available 24/7 at 01 83 777 524.

What information do you transmit?
After the user logs in, we send you his details.
We do not manage users’ bank/credit cards. We sent only the user’s immediate details (home address, delivery address and billing address).
To reduce the risk of fraud during ordering, and to improve security, we notify you if the user has recently logged onto another site with an unusually remote IP.

Likewise, if a site has had a recent concern about the user (problem with delivery address or payment problem), we notify you.

Under no circumstances do we send information relating to the user’s profile (number of logins, sites visited, or other). This data is confidential and is the property of each website.

Our goal is above all to make logging in to your site easy and secure for users and your new customers/users!

What does it cost to use 1PassWorld?
1PassWorld is a free service for users and for sites that have installed this technology. 1PassWorld is funded from the advertising that appears on the Key entry page.
This selective advertising (different from your business sector) can be deleted, if you wish, for your users. In which case, we would invoice you €1 ex-tax per 1,000 displays.

If you wish to increase the security of your customers/users, you can offer them Keys based on various criteria.
For example: you can offer a Key to a user if he has not changed it for a week.

1PassWorld, the login solution 2.0!