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Why are you talking about login 2.0?
Since the Internet was created, we have always been used to logging on to a customer/user space with a username and a password. This system has limitations because we need to login to increasingly more sites, create increasingly more passwords (if we want secure access) and fill in increasingly more forms!

Our 2.0 login system will facilitate all your access needs while also making them secure.

Now, with 1PassWorld, you will be able to use a single username and a single password for all the sites you want to log onto.
A 6-digit Key valid for one or more logins is sent to you on your mobile phone.
It is this Key that you need to enter on 1PassWorld before accessing a customer space on a site.

How do I use 1PassWorld?
To activate an account on 1PassWorld, simply complete the registration form. We send you a username and it is you who define your password.
This is the data that you enter on the sites and that is identical for all sites. You can change your password at any time on your Customer Space on 1PassWorld. A new Key will be activated and sent by SMS depending on the security level you want (1 Key per login, daily, weekly, etc...) for all the sites or for one site in particular. br>
What does this service cost?
1PassWorld is a free service for an unbeatable level of security!
Once you register, we send you your 1st Key. Every 250 logins on websites, we credit your account with a Key usable whenever you want.

To strengthen your security and change your Keys more regularly, you can buy them via the HSBC payment solution. Your account is credited immediately upon receiving your payment.

How long does it take to activate my account?
Your account is activated immediately once you confirm your email address (receive an account activation email) and have received a Key directly by SMS on your mobile phone.

Why use a login system via a secure Key?
By adding a level of security via a Key, you don't have to remember a username and a password for each site that you log onto. Your codes are identical for all sites. If the sites are valid, you are asked to enter your Key. br>
You can change your password and/or Key at any time.
With just one click, you can change your login password and/or your Key for all the sites you are registered on.

What type of data do you archive?
1PassWorld's goal is to ensure that your logins and connections are secure, to facilitate your online purchasing by removing the need to fill in registration forms, and to let you memorize just one username and one password for all the sites using 1PassWorld technology.

You send non-sensitive data to 1PassWorld!
We save only your details, and delivery and billing addresses (the data that you send every time you place an order on a website). We do not save your bank details.

What guarantee do we have that the data is secure?
All the data that you save on 1PassWorld is encrypted in AES 256. This is the highest encryption level available to date.
Every 1PassWorld user has their data encrypted based on their profile. This increases the security level.

Furthermore, access to the site is via HTTPS protocol (information encryption is guaranteed by ).

How many times is my Key valid?
The first Key is offered to you by 1PassWorld. It has no expiry date and it lets you access the 1PassWorld service free of charge.
You are free to define the validity of your Keys in your User Space: for 1 login, for 1 day, for 1 week, for 1 month, or for 1 year. This validity can be defined for all sites, or only for certain sites.

Your Keys are sent by SMS automatically at the time intervals ("frequency") you have chosen, unless your account is not in credit. By default, your Key is changed on a monthly basis.

Some sites offer the possibility of increasing the security level by sending you a new Key when you log in. In which case, that Key is offered to you by the site in question.

Can I see the list of sites that I logged into?
All the sites that you log onto and/or you register on are archived in your history (website name and login date).
In this way, with 1PassWorld, you can see the list of the sites to which you have sent your details. You can contact them at any time to concel your account (see the French Data Protection Act).

Can I deactivate access to all my sites?
More than that, 1PassWorld not only lets you control your access via a Key but you can also define the time ranges for access.

For example, you can deactivate your access during your holidays or at night between 23:00 and 07:00.
In which case, access to the input field of your Key will be inactive!

How do I recover my access Key if I've lost my mobile phone?
As the Key is based on the 1PassWorld system, you cannot recover your Key if you've lost your mobile phone. In which case, we will activate a new Key for you: the first 3 numbers correspond to the first 3 numbers of the Key of a friend or family member who uses 1PassWorld (you specify their mobile number in your Customer Space) and the last 3 numbers are emailed to you.
It's simple, secure and allows you to continue using your account.

And in that case, the old Key is immediately deactivated.

What happens if I don't receive my Key?
Once you have registered, if you have not received your Key via SMS, please contact our technical service who will verify your number and check the status of your telecom operator.

When I request a new Key, is the old Key immediately deactivated?
The old Key is deactivated the first time that you use the new Key. That way, we have a guarantee that you have actually received it via SMS.

How do I access a site if it has not installed 1PassWorld technology?
We are rolling out 1PassWorld to websites rapidly. Nevertheless, to let you login with this solution to our preferred sites, you can send them a request by filling in the form specifically for this purpose on your 1PassWorld space.
An email will be sent directly to the site.

Can we sponsor users?
The more 1PassWorld users there are, the more sites there will be and the more you will be able to used this new-generation login system.
For this reason, a promotion space has been reserved for you in your 1PassWorld space to sponsor users.

Whenever one of your sponsorees uses their Key for the first time on a website, we credit your account with 5 Keys.